Variety is the spice of life & we have balanced the correct variety of choices with the spices to entangle your taste buds!!!

About Us

Dating back three generations, our family has always been involved in the food business. In India, our family is still involved in the manufacturing of Chili Sauce, Soya Sauce, Tomato Sauce, noodles etc. We also own a restaurant in Kolkata, specializing in Indian Style Hakka Chinese food catering to the locals there. In Canada, we intend to share the same love and passion for food which derived our family’s decision to get into the food industry.

Royal Jade specializes in Hakka Chinese and Thai style cuisine. Indian Style Hakka Chinese cooking originates from India. Being Chinese immigrants to India, in order to adapt to the Indian culture, the Hakka Chinese style cooking evolved. It blended the Indian spices with the Hakka Chinese style cooking giving it a totally different thrilling flavor from the conventional regular Indian dishes. The Indian Style Hakka Food has gain popularity not only in India but around the world. Toronto being so diverse and multicultural, love it and now is en vogue and still trending.

With a capacity of over 50 seating’s, the restaurant is elegantly ambianced for family dining or parties for that perfect moment, with the perfect blend of food.

Job Opportunity

Kitchen Helper

Join the RJ Team! We are looking for a full-time individual who is passionate, discipline, great team player and can work under pressure. If this role sounds like a great fit for you then apply now in person or via email:
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